The £9 Jelly Highlighter Kim Kardashian’s Make-Up Artist Swears By

'Cos sweaty skin is in

Everyone loves a good highlighter, but this season – powders are out and glossy skin is in. And who better to look to make-up inspo for than Mario Dedivanovic- Kim Kardashian’s make-up artist. It’s been revealed that Mario swears by a £9 jelly highlighter to fake the glow, and spoiler alert – we need it too.

The £9 Jelly Highlighter Mario Dedivanovic Swears By

The highlighter in question? It’s actually a special effects product called Sweat Effect Transparent Jelly – that’s used on set to add a glossy sheen to skin.

Mario spilled his secrets during a recent make-up masterclass in LA, where he was talking about the idea of working with sweat in make-up – rather than shimmery products.

“Sweat shouldn’t break down your foundation,” Dedivanovic said. “Once your face is fully made up, if you sweat a little bit, pat it a little with tissue; you should be golden. It makes you dewy, sexy, and healthy.”

Can’t get your hands on Mario’s beloved jelly highlighter? Vaseline or lip balm leaves the same glossy finish.