Say Hello to Jekyll and Hyde Hair

Summer always gets us in the mood for experimenting with our hair. But while ombre might forever be our ride or die, but we love the crazy and colourful hair trends that pop up around festival season.

Right now, we’re * obsessed * with the newest hair colouring craze to take over our Instagram feeds; the appropriately named Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde hair.

Created by hair guru Meliana Clark this technique allows both your colourful and serious sides to be showcased at the same time, by dividing your colour half and half.

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If you’re constantly torn between wanting sleek, Kardashian-like natural hued hair and full on multicolour, mermaid tresses, this is the perfect style to give you the best of both worlds.

On her Instagram page, Meliana creates the ultimate contrasts using Pravana’s Vivids hair dyes. Scrolling through her page is enough to give anyone hair envy!

It’s her signature Jekyll and Hyde colour combo – one side black and the other a neon rainbow – that’s really got us hooked though.


Instagram: @melerinaa

The super talented colourist also demonstrates on Insta how the Jekyll and Hyde trend isn’t just reserved for crazy colours.

We could definitely work that red and blonde combo for a more subtle take!

To help turn the look into something even more wearable, Meliana also suggests wearing your hair with a deep side-parting, to create a gorgeous blended finish.


Instagram: @melerinaa

Loving the look? So are a ton of other beauty gurus!

We’re head over heels in love with Guy Tang’s metallic half and half hair.


Instagram: @guy_tang

And how adorable are those braids?

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While Tasha Leelyn’s pastel take on the trend is just too cute…


Instagram: @tashaleelyn

Thanks to an endless list of colour combos, the half and half hair trend is set to be one of the biggest and most versatile looks of the year.

Are you getting involved?

By Catherine Delves