Jeffree Star Has Released A Black Highlighter Just In Time For Halloween

Double, double, strobe and trouble...

We live in a world where beauty has no boundaries. From lipstick shades available in every hue of the rainbow to gorgeous glitters adorning every feature of our face. And undeniably, at the forefront of this beauty revolution is the holy highlighter, which is responsible for bestowing us with the glow of a Greek goddess.

Highlighting no longer limits itself to shades of gold and ivory, and if you want to channel your inner mermaid/unicorn, there are now rainbow compacts to accommodate.

And now our glow game is about to reach new heights as beauty vlogger and cosmetics creator Jeffree Star has released the world’s first grey/black highlighter, Onyx Ice. Oh. and it’s just in time for Halloween. YAY.

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Star took to his Instagram to share this new strobing sensation with his fans.

He suggests using it like any other highlighter and applying to the high planes of your face but also explains that it can be used to create smoky eyes, shimmery liner or for extreme body painting.

Of course, people are freaking out at the news of a black highlighter.

But there were still some sceptics out there who just couldn’t get their head around the idea.


But Star silenced the haters on behalf of all of us experimental makeup lovers out there and tweeted “How can a highlighter be grey/black? It’s ART. That’s why! Doesn’t have to be complicated haha just have fun and create” PREACH IT!

So if like us you want to get your hands on this circle of gunmetal goodness to make your sparkle queen collection complete, visit the Jeffree Star Cosmetics site.

Just imagine how strong your Halloween game will be.

By Mollie Hammond