Jeffree Star Suffers * Awkward * Highlighter Backlash

It’s been quite a dramatic weekend for Jeffree Star. His much anticipated Beauty Killer eyeshadow palette and Skin Frost highlighters were * finally * released after waiting for what felt like forever!

His Skin Frost highlighters come in four gorgeous shades: Ice Cold, Peach Goddess, Mint Condition and King Tut.

Building up to the launch, he teased his followers with swatch pics and videos, getting fans more than excited to get their hands on the shimmering glow products.

Instagram: @jmefrn

However, the launch didn’t go quite to plan as several customers soon took to social media to complain that their King Tut highlighters had arrived broken.

This was more than a little bit awkward, as just the other day Jeffree was ranting all over Snapchat and Twitter about the quality of Kylie Jenner’s lip glosses, describing them as ‘f***ing garbage’ and throwing them in the bin – charming!

If you remember, the lip gloss wands were frayed and sparse, leaving beauty fans unimpressed.

Twitter: @JeffreeStar

Despite customer complaints, Kylie only promised to change the wands after being called out by Jeffree, and unfortunately, no refunds or exchanges were offered to those who had received a faulty gloss. 

Which is why it’s slightly ironic that Jeffree is now at the receiving end of some public criticism of his own.

A number of customers have shared images of their King Tut highlighters broken upon arrival – not ideal for the make-up pro! 

Instagram: @gaberafaelsmom0608

Instagram: ashleynicole_beauty

Instagram: @glamourbyyani

Jeffree has been quick to defend his cosmetic line, though, explaining the extensive quality control his products go through and promising to fully refund or replace all items that arrived broken. Phew.

He also pointed out the number of King Tut highlighters that were received in perfect condition.

Twitter: @JeffreeStar

Fans of the make-up line tweeted their support, saying that couriers may be to blame for the damages. They also praised Jeffree for his quick response to the issue, compared to the weeks it took Kylie Jenner to change her gloss wands. 

Whatever the reason for the broken highlighters, we’re happy that Jeffree is quickly resolving the problem and offering refunds or exchanges.

By Catherine Delves