The Shape Of Your Pout Reveals A Lot About You, Apparently

Jean Haner is a well known expert in face reading, and has studied the Chinese practice, putting her findings towards her book, The Wisdom of Your Face. ​

According to the author, your face is a poster for who you really are, and your personality can actually be read through your facial features; apparently, it really is written all over your face.

According to her studies, one noted trait says that bigger ears can mean that you’re more inclined to take risks, but we’re particularly interested in what your lips can say about you.

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For those of you that notice the lips of a man, she advises: ‘If you want a sensitive guy who is emotionally available, go for a big mouth and full lips.’

But she warns to be careful if your guy’s upper lip is much thinner than his lower one – apparently, this could mean that they may ‘have a tendency to be unfaithful.’


Kylie Jenner lips The 18-year-old has admitted to having lip fillers to boost her pout


Now, we don’t know about you, but as soon as someone mentions lip shapes, we’re immediately reminded of the most talked-about lips in showbiz – yes, we’re talking Kylie Jenner, of course.

Possibly the most speculated pout around, Kylie finally admitted to having lip fillers in an interview on her hit TV show, Keeping Up With The Kardashians. 

According to Jean Haner and the art of Chinese face reading, if you alter your face through cosmetic surgery, you’re actually changing your destiny too, because your path is directly linked to your natural features.

By plumping up your lips, you’re increasing your love of drama. Jean also believes that by increasing the pout of your lower lip, you’re showing signs of someone who really wants to enjoy life and be pampered.

Angelina Jolie lips


If you’re one of those lucky people who’s been gifted with a naturally full upper and lower lip, you have strong mothering instincts and are generally very sociable and caring person. We’re looking at you, Angelina Jolie.

As for the Cupid’s Bow, if yours happens to be defined and pointed, it tends to mean that you have a flare for creativity and a sharp mind. 

Taylor Swift lips Taylor has a very defined cupid’s bow


Those with thin upper and lower lips can tend to be a little detached, but also incredibly independent and self assured.

If you have quite a large mouth, with you’re an incredibly helpful person, but a larger mouth combined with particularly thin lips could mean that you’re not awfully considerate.  

Anyone else reaching for a mirror? 

By Laura Jane Turner