J-Lo’s Go-To Hair Stylist, Ken Paves, Spills His Secrets

Jennifer Lopez, Victoria Beckham and Eva Longoria all have him on speed dial, meet the hair stylist behind Hollywood’s hottest hair, Ken Paves. We chatted to the hero hair guru to find out his top tips for getting Alist locks…

What tools are in your styling kit? 

“I always carry a bone comb; it’s completely seamless and doesn’t snag, which makes it a great substitute for finger styling. Hooked elastic bands are essential to avoid leaving ponytail creases (I would never reach for a scrunchie!) And because I style most of my clients’ hair off their head, I always have an array of extensions.”

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What are your top tips for keeping hair healthy?

“Don’t overload it! Wash it 2-3 times a week, maximum, and only lather the roots and cleanse your scalp. In between washes just rinse with tepid water to remove debris. Also, everyday styling should only take 15-20 minutes. If it takes any longer, you’ve got the wrong cut.”


What do you recommend to rehab over-styled hair?

“Olive oil is an amazing overnight mask. Mix a small amount in with water and spray onto your hair before bed. You can’t beat it!”

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> Ken Paves is known for being BFF to the likes of Victoria Beckham



How would you create Eva Longoria’s signature bouncy waves?

“Eva has like five heads of hair on her head (and it’s all her own!) It’s so lustrous and the definition of ‘Hollywood hair’. You can get this textured, tousled look using your hair straighteners. Start by prepping hair with a heat protecting spray. Take random sections, point the end of your straighteners down, and wrap your hair around one arm. Close the iron without applying too much pressure and slide it down the length of the wrapped hair, opening it up at least an inch before the end (this is the way to get Eva’s lived-in, stretched-out waves). Finish with some shine serum on the ends so your do looks polished.”


> Eva Longoria and Victoria Beckham are both big fans of Ken Paves