This Is The Piercing Mistake We’re Probably All Making

We all love a piercing, right?

Whether we’ve kept it simple with ear studs or have done a Kendall Jenner and gone for a more intimate style of body jewellery, most of us have visited the salon at some point.

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But what do experts really think of our piercing habits? Over at Allure, they’ve been chatting to New York artist J Colby Smith to get some behind-the-scenes secrets.

J works at piercing mecca New York Adorned, and has been visited by celebrities including Zoe Kravitz, Sky Ferriera and Abbey Lee Kershaw.

So what does he think is the biggest piercing trend right now?

> J Colby Smith has worked with celebrities including model Imaan Hammam


He says: ‘The multiple ear piercings have been in style lately. I think it appeals because it’s unique and can tweak your look a little, but it’s easy to digest.

‘I think that stuff will be around forever; I think [having] more holes to put pretty jewellery in is kind of a no-brainer. And now I probably do 10 to 15 septum piercings a day.’

There’s no denying that septum piercings are massive news, appearing on the Givenchy AW15 catwalk and being worn by stars such as Rihanna and FKA Twigs.

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But there’s something else that J reckons will overtake it in the near future.

He continues: ‘The smiley piercing. It’s along the inside of your mouth – the inside of your top lip, where there’s a little web. I put a delicate rose-gold or yellow-gold ring there.

‘It’s been around forever, but I’ve been doing at least a few of those a day lately. When you smile, it crosses your two front teeth, and it’s unexpected.’

> The ‘smiley’ piercing is becoming big news. Photo: @jcolbysmith


Okay. So maybe you’re a teeny bit too nervous to try a septum or a smiley. But there IS something you can do to mix up your look.

J’s revealed the most common piercing mistake people make – and it’s quite surprising.

He reveals: ‘Most people don’t change their jewellery as they age. Whenever I ride the train, I always look around. A lot of people will get pierced as a freshman in college and get whatever type of jewellery they can afford at the time.

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‘You can have the same piercing as you did when you were a kid; you just have to update it with different pieces of jewellery.’

So there you go. Happy jewellery shopping, ladies!