Issey Miyake Pleats Please: The Fashion Fan’s Must-Have Scent

Issey Miyake‘s bright, light perfumes have always had a firm place on our beauty shelves here at LOOK so when we heard the brand was bringing out yet another easy-to-wear, fresh fragrance we cleared our dressing tables of old moisturisers and made a space for Issey Miyake Pleats Please.

And we’re already obsessed, spritzing ourselves with the fab new scent that smells like a delicious cocktail of zingy fruit, mellow vanilla and super-feminine florals.

Not only does this heady aroma – laced with nashi pear, flowers and white musk – add a vibrant-smelling spring into your step, but the bottle itself is as pretty as a picture. The ridged, subtle pink glass pays homage to Issey Miyake’s signature catwalk creations: popping, colourful pleats.

Get ahead of the perfume pack and impress your fashion peers by snapping up Issey Miyake‘s latest offering below. Because if you’re a fan of high-fashion and are after a sleek, cheerful fragrance there’s no better bottle to add to your beauty essentials.

By Claire Blackmore

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