Givenchy’s Lace Face Mask: Tried & Tested By LOOK’s Beauty Ed

Is splurging out on a pricey face mask really worth it? Our Beauty Editor found out…

Givenchy don’t do things by halves. From their couture gowns, to their sell-out ‘it’ handbags and their notoriously high-end skincare line. It’s the latest edition, an old classic that has been brought back due to popular demand, in their Le Soin Noir beauty line has got us somewhat excited.

It’s an at- home face mask…but with a twist. It’s black, for starters, it costs a mere £225 and involves smoothing a lace face sheet mask over your face for twenty minutes. Let’s just say it’s a little 50 shades of grey-ish and would make a stellar halloween costume accessory.

But how does it work? In one box you receive four sachets. Each sachet comes in two segments, one holding the lace mask, the second holding the Vital Black Algae Sap Concentrate. You push down on the formula, so that it disperses into the lace mask. The instructions show you how to massage the algae around the sachet so that the mask gets fully saturated.



When you think you’re about done, peel back the plastic cover and place the lace sheet over a cleansed face, and wait patiently for twenty minutes. There are clever ear loops that make it sit (and stay) perfectly in place, which definitely makes still still for the twenty minutes much more beareable. I almost forgot I had it on. The instructions say it’s for morning use, but I don’t have time in the mornings so I gave it a whirl just before bed.

What does it do?

Well, the patented black algae concentrate is designed to plump your skin with ten times more moisture, smooth away any dry patches and tighten the skin- as if you’ve had a mini face lift. The benefits of the lace are that the lace is denser on the strategic parts of your face so the eye contour, forehead and jawline and therefore captures more of the black algae and targets those areas.
Once you’ve left it soak on the skin for twenty minutes, peel off the mask off. You can either leave the remaining product on to soak in or remove it with a cotton pad. Because it’s so expensive, I’m leaving it on. I want to use every last dollop of it.



The verdict

When I first got introduced to this mask I thought there was no way I’d spend that amount of money on something I could only get four uses out of. But the results have surprised me. I feel like I’ve had a facial. Yes, seriously. My face feels tighter, my skin is noticeably softer- I rubbed a little excess product into my hands, which are now as soft as a babies. And my make-up went on so much smoother the next day. I definitely would buy this if I had a wedding or big event to go to. It works out to be a little more than £56 per mask, which is cheaper than a facial anyway! If this is the result after one mask I can’t wait to see how my skin looks after using the others, once a week for a whole month.

By Samantha Freedman