People Aren’t Happy With Samsung’s Beauty Filter

Anyone that has a Samsung phone knows how incredible all their techy features are! Like seriously, how are they so cool?

But recently they’ve come under fire after author and health coach, Mel Wells, claimed that their camera is automatically set to a filter.

Mel was extremely angry and took to Instagram saying, ‘the default setting on the front camera is automatically on “Beauty level 8” which evidently means: seriously airbrushed face.’

Mel apparently tested out the camera with a selfie and said to her surprise the face staring back at her was ‘heavily edited’ and missing her characteristic freckles.

The Green Goddess Revolution author and activist for positive body image, shared her fury with Samsung via Instagram writing, “this means everyone who gets a new Samsung phone and flicks the front camera on is automatically being told, “Hi, we’re Samsung and we think you look way better when we automatically airbrush your selfies for you, x 8!!”. Thanks @samsungmobile for the vote of confidence, I think I’ll keep my freckles and imperfections since this is how I look in 3D and this is how all my friends see me in real life.’


However, we spoke to a spokesperson from Samsung and they clarified that the ‘Beauty Setting’ is not turned on as a default setting and would have to be turned on by the user itself. Despite Mel claiming the Beauty Mode it set on ‘default level 8’, it is actually default level 2.

The Samsung spokesperson said, “At Samsung we offer a range of camera settings on our mobile phones for our customers to be able to choose to switch on or use. The beauty setting is one such setting that we know our customers love and has the option of being switched on or turned off completely, depending on personal preference.”

Glad we cleared that up!


By Sophia Pathak