There’s something weird going on with Kylie Jenner’s Lip Kit

Kylie Jenner’s Lip Kits have become the ultimate in makeup goals; full of rich colour, super long-lasting, matte, glossy or metallic, and extremely hard to get your hands on.

Yep, she’s created the *Holy Grail* of liquid lipstick.

But while Kylie sure has enjoyed sell-out success with every batch of Lip Kits she’s released so far – her recent peachy new colour addition sold out in a mere 22 minutes! – she’s also come under fire from a handful of beauty bloggers.

Last month, the queen of lips was forced to defend her brush applicator wands, after beauty vlogger and cosmetics creator Jeffree Star (who owns his own line of lip products too) revealed his misshapen wand on Twitter.

A flurry of other customers also shared snaps of their frayed brushes online, prompting Kylie to quickly take action and reassure everyone that it was simply a case of a bad batch. She also promised to send anyone who bought a gloss with a wonky wand a brand new Lip Kit featuring a new and improved applicator.

> Kylie defends a bad batch of Lip Kit wands on Instagram

Well played Jenner!

One beauty blogger however, has now pulled Kylie up over a brand new Lip Kit issue – the formula. Or more specifically, the ingredients contained in the formula.

In a YouTube video, Stephanie Nicole reveals she’s delved deep into the ingredients list of Kylie’s Candy K shade, and has made some serious discoveries.

First up, the formula has changed quite a bit since the first batch of glosses dropped, which of course Kylie has already discussed with her fans. The plan was to make the texture of the gloss thinner and more moisturizing, so that it was more comfortable to wear.

But as Stephanie flags up, the reformulation has actually completely changed the colour of the Candy K gloss. Not cool if it was your new fave!

> Swatch test! The original version of Kylie’s Candy K versus the reformulation Image: Instagram/Stephanie Nicole

Things get especially technical however, when Stephanie reveals that she’s been studying the ingredient list of Kylie’s glosses in detail.

Comparing Kylie’s ingredient list to that of ColourPop Ultra Matte Liquid Lipstick, Stephanie reveals that the two lists are pretty much exactly the same.

So what’s the big deal here you ask?

Well, while plenty of long-lasting lipsticks likely include a lot of similar ingredients, Stephanie’s point it is that the ColorPop products are a fair bit cheaper, and almost identical in formula. Meaning that you could possibly get a lippy that’s pretty much the same as Kylie’s, without spending big bucks.

> Kylie’s Lip Kit ingredients vs the ColorPop ingredients list Image: Instagram/Stephanie Nicole

“I always want to feel like women are empowered and smart, and Kylie is drop-dead gorgeous, but do not give me the same exact ingredients [as the Colourpop lipsticks] and mark it up,” she says in the video.

Fair point?

But while Stephanie is still a little miffed about the matchy-matchy ingredients lists and higher price tag, she still says she loves Kylie’s products enough to keep them on her top lippy list as they’re incredibly long-lasting.

She even reveals that her Kylie lip colour stayed on after chomping through a quesadilla, which as far as we’re concerned, is great news!

You can watch Stephanie’s full video review on her YouTube channel.