Is Katie Holmes Launching Her Own Perfume?

Katie Holmes is considering launching a perfume, following in the footsteps of celebs with scents Sarah Jessica Parker and Jennifer Lopez. “We all need a little help in smelling good, especially in New York city!” she says. And if her scent has the same style credentials as her make-up and hair collabs, we can’t wait to try eau de Holmes.

The former Mrs Cruise, a beauty mogul in the making, signed a cosmetics deal with Bobbi Brown last year and in January she bought into natural haircare brand Alterna. “I’m open [to more roles in beauty],” she told WWD magazine. “I’ve had wonderful experiences with both Bobbi Brown and Alterna.”

In between filming her latest film Mania Days in New York, Katie is starting work on a skincare range with Bobbi Brown and she’s turning to her mum and sisters for inspiration. “I ask what they need, what do they think would be cool, what they’re missing… I’m always just listening. I feel like what I’ve learned recently about women is we are strong, but we like to be girlie,” she said.

By Charlotte Jolly

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