Meet The Straighteners You Keep In Your Freezer

If, like us, you’re a self-confessed heat styling addict *clutches onto ghds*, then you are probably well aware that too much heat – without the right protection – can lead to strands getting damaged.

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But if ditching the tongs and going au natural sounds a little terrifying, there’s a cool new option you might want to try.

What if we told you you could freeze away the frizz? Sounds weird, right? But that’s exactly what the new Inverse Hair Conditioning System, £170, is designed to do.

Inverse Hair Conditioning System, £170

The cordless straighteners have an ice core (that you have to pop in the freezer for at least 2 hours before using). Unlike traditional heated irons, the Inverse System is supposed to be used on damp, towel-dried hair – after washing.


The sub-zero temps have been shown to actually change the fibre of your hair locking in moisture so strands become softer, smoother, healthier and way more manageable. Heard of a cold rinse? Well this is like the super-charged version – minus the trauma of pouring ice cold water over your head.

Originally designed for people with curly hair, David Roe, founder of Inverse told, “My wife experimented with an ice rinse after being told that cold water was beneficial to hair. After one rinse, she experienced reduced frizz and increased shine. Her curls held together and clumped in a way I’d never noticed before. The result was stunning and prompted further investigation. It wasn’t until we began developing the product that we found that all textures and lengths benefit from Inverse conditioning.”

Now it’s worth bearing in mind, that unlike your trusty heat straighteners, the ice version is not an instant fix. For best results you have to stick with it for 30 days, but gradually you should see the condition improve to the point where you no longer need to battle with the frizz every morning, sounds like a winner to us!