Balayage looks amazing on short hair- Rosie and Jessica do it justice!

Introducing…The All New Balayage Hair Trend

What exactly is Balayage?

You may of heard of it, you might of been introduced to it at your hair salon, but have you tried it? No?! Well, here’s why you should! Balayage is the latest highlighting technique that looks so much more natural than any other hair colour. It’s been described as the perfect way for giving hair natural highlights, as if the sun had naturally kissed your locks. Celebs, like Jessica Alba, Blake Lively, Sarah Jessica Parker and Chrissy Teigen has been huge fans of the hair colour technique for years, and we want hair like them…don’t you?

Blake Lively shows how hot it looks on blondes! Blake Lively is definitely our blonde hair muse


Here’s why the technique is different from normal highlights…

Instead of your hairdresser weaving out sections of hair and colouring them from root to tip, then wrapping the hair in foil, colourist instead paint random strands of hair- totally freehand. But don’t panic, there is an art to it, they pick up sections that would naturally lighten in the sun, like around your face, mid-lengths and ends.

The best part is…

You’ll have minimal re-growth! It’s the most low maintenance hair colour…like, ever! Each highlighted strand starts from a quarter of the way down the strand, instead of at the root, so as your hair grows it should just give you a naturally grown out, dip-dye finish.

Chrissy Teigen showcases balayage on dark hair Yes…it looks good on dark hair like Chrissy too!


Is Balayage right for you?

Yep, we guarantee so, and we haven’t even seen you in person. It looks great on dark hair, like Chrissy Teigen, or on blondes like Blake Lively, short hair, Jessica Alba is our muse or long, a la Sarah Jessica Parker. The treatment normally takes an hour to 90 mins (because it’s a totally bespoke to you). Here are our most trusted salons:

In London…

Richard Ward

Vixen & Blush

Neville’s Hair & Beauty




Charles Worthington


Sarah Jessica Parker working balayage hair colour Balayage will make you look younger…take SJP!


You can do it at home on a budget too…

Balayage has been your hairdressers top secret, but thankfully brands have cottoned on and created an at-home version for those wanting natural looking highlights, but on a budget. Et voila! You don’t need to be a professional, just the best tried & tested box sets on hand…


Bleach London Balayage Hair Kit, £7

Loreal Paris Pereference Wild Ombres, £7.49


Samantha Freedman