Introducing The Coolest Lipglosses, Ever…

A glossy gorgeous pout is the ultimate beauty fix. A simple slick can instantly make you look younger, fresh-faced and like you’ve had a good eight hours sleep (even when you haven’t). That’s why this season we’re seeing a major lipgloss revival.

Yep, you heard it hear first, high-shine pouts are back. But unlike the glosses of the 00s, this time around its all about a light dewy sheen as opposed to a thick gunky gloss, that’s where these new pout-prettifiers come in.

Blossom Scented Roll-On Lipglosses, £6 each, (available at Urban Outfitters stores and have a nourishing oil-based formula that will smooth and soften the lips while giving a gorgeous shine. And the best bit?! The flavoured formulas are actually infused with natural dried flowers to give an addictive floral scent (and look oh-so pretty). With strawberry, coconut, raspberry, passion fruit and cherry flavours to choose from there’s guaranteed to be at least one you’ll go crazy for. Now all you have to do is decide which to invest in first! – we’ll taken them all, please!