Instant Effects Lip Plumper: Tried And Tested

We’re all after that one product that will give us the Khloe Kardashian pout of our dreams. Right?

So when we were offered the chance to trial the new Instant Effects Instant Lip Plumper (£24.99), then obviously, we jumped at the chance.

Lip plumpers sometimes get a bad rep  – if you don’t get them right, you can end up with lips that sting, and not in a subtle, tingly way. We’re talking, pain.

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Instant Effects' Lip Plumper, £24.99 The before shot


But Instant Effects’ Instant Lip Plumper promises to increase the volume of our lips by a whopping 20%, with none of that nasty stinging or aggravation.

Sounded good to us!

Due to fancy oxygen transfer technology as well as with Hyaluronic Spheres (we know, talk about scientific), the product claims to enrich your lips with a plumping, volumising and super moisturising effect in just two minutes.

Instant Effects' Lip Plumper, £24.99 We were left with a slightly fuller, glossier pout after using the product

Instant Effects Instant Lip Plumper, £24.99

So, what did we think? Well, our Junior Fashion News Assistant Bridie Wilkins explains all…

‘After coating my lips in the product using the cute little brush pen, I waited two minutes for the effects to kick in. It wasn’t the same as other lip plumpers in that it didn’t sting or burn – I felt a slight tingle after about three minutes but that soon died down.

Instant Effects' Lip Plumper, £24.99 Bridie’s lips before and after using the Lip Plumper…


‘As for results, it was more the colour that I noticed a difference in. My lips were almost instantly more red, which in turn made them look fuller. I’d definitely use it again just for that, although I wouldn’t say they looked dramatically bigger.

All in all, a great product for before a night out, or when you just need that little extra boost for your pout!’