This Is How The Iconic Becca Highlighters Are Made

Mesmerising and oddly satisfying.

We don’t think the highlighter we are about to discuss needs any introduction, but just in case you are not already familiar with Becca’s Prosecco pop we will give you a little explanation.

It’s the highlighter that manages to make everyone’s cheekbones look out of this world. It suits every skin and gets you glowing rather than leaving you with a sparkly face.

From beauty bloggers to MUA’s its cult like following has basically made it a famous beauty buy.

Anyway, we don’t know about you but we have a slight obsession with watching makeup be made, which is why we got so excited when Becca shared a video of the legendary highlighter being created.

In the video you get to see the liquid form of the shimmer brick being poured into its case and it looks like molten gold. We can’t seem to stop watching it. But yeah, in case you didn’t know how highlighters are made. This is how.