How To Wear A Dark Lipstick: The Dos And Don’ts

Autumn is here! And for beauty buffs like us, it’s the season that we officially fall in love with make-up again. Long gone are the barely-there, beach-worthy complexions of Summer – when our daily make-up routine was merely a swipe of tinted moisturiser and a lick of waterproof mascara (basically, anything we wouldn’t sweat off during our sweltering commute).

When Autumn roles around it’s time to stock up on foundation, invest in those copper eyeshadows and embrace a bold lip. Nude, pink and red lipsticks can be worn all year round, but to really give your make-up an Autumn edge, you have to rock a dark lip. Now before you freak out and think ‘that looks like a hell of a lot of effort’, we’ve got a few little rules that make rocking a bold lip totally fear-free…

1. Pick the right finish: People will tell you there are certain shades you should and shouldn’t wear because of your skin tone, but in reality make-up should be fun, and you shouldn’t be afraid of wearing any lip colour. After all, if you don’t like it once you’ve got it on, simply wipe it off, it’s that easy 🙂

But one thing you should be aware of is picking the right finish. When it comes to mega-dark lips, if you have fairer skin stick to matte, velvety formulas, to create a more dramatic contrast with your creamy skintone. Whilst if you are darker it’s great to pick a lipstick with a slight sheen, as matte tones can get a little lost with your complexion.

Here are our faves…

Go mad for mattes…


NARS Audaciious Lipstick in Liv, £24

Nizz Cosmetics Purple Vixen Lipstick, £9.99

Topshop Matte Lip Bullet in Get Me Bodied, £8

Give your pout a serious sheen…

Glossy Finish:

Topshop Lip Polish in Gallery, £8

Satin Finish:

MAC Lipstick in Cyber, £15.50

Nizz Cosmetics Purple Voodoo Lipstick, £9.99

2. Prep your pout: A bold lip may look beautiful, but it’s also guaranteed to cling to any little chaps or dry flakes. So start by giving your pout a scrub down to buff away any dryness, we love The Body Shop’s Lipscuff, £8. Afterwards, apply a little Blistex Daily Lip Conditioner, £2.69, to moisturise your pout.

3. Line it up: Before applying your lipstick take a cream concealer on a foundation brush, and just buff it over your lip line and lightly over your pout to neutralise any colours and ensure your lippie goes on perfectly. Next, use a lip pencil in a matching shade to your lipstick to add definition to your cupids bow and the outer corners of your pout.

4. Application trick: When it comes to bold lipstick it’s always easier to apply with a lip brush, rather than directly from the bullet, as you can be much more precise. Swipe the lip brush over your pout to fill in the colour, building up more in the centre to give lips a fuller finish.

5. Wear it well: Keep the rest of your make-up minimal. Foundation, mascara, a slick of eyeliner and a touch of bronzer is all you need. Avoid heavy blushers and eyeshadows as the colours may clash with your lippie.