How To Tan The Safe Way This Summer

It’s Sun Awareness Week, meaning it’s time to swot up on your skin protection and take on tanning the modern way…

Recent studies have revealed that 8/10 of us are still failing to adequately apply sunscreen before going out in the sun, meaning we’re exposing our skin to the danger of premature-ageing, sunburn and cancer. Gah. But with more advanced fake tan formulas than ever, there’s really no need to put your skin under stress to get that sunkissed-tan. From new-age sun protection to the modern ways to fake tan, here’s LOOK’s guide of how to tan the safe way…

SPF 101

The highest risk months in the UK are May to September with 30-40% of UV still being able to penetrate through cloud cover. Arm yourself everyday with our top picks of protection:

How To Tan Your Face The Safe Way: Vichy Ideal Soleil BB Cream, £16.50 – with SPF 50 and a natural skin tint, it’s perfect for use under your make-up or for days you want to forgo foundation

How To Tan Your Bod The Safe Way: Clinique SPF 30 Virtu-Oil Body Mist, £25 (out 25th May)
This super lightweight mist has the same luxe feel as applying a dry-oil. It sinks in almost instantly, with a cooling sensation, meaning it’s perfect for top-ups on-the-go as you don’t need to wait around feeling sticky before getting on with your day.

How To Tan The Fake Way…

The Skincare-Friendly Tan
Any beauty addict worth their salt will have been plagued with the bedtime tanning dilemma: do you skip on your skincare to perfect your tan? Yes, we all want a bronzed complexion – but sometimes your nightly serum/moisturiser/eye cream can totally b*lls up your glow. Enter: St Tropez Express Bronzing Sheet Mask, £15. Infused with all the hyaluronic acid of your fave Korean sheet mask, leave it on for 5, 10 or 15 minutes depending on the glow you want. Once removed, blend the excess serum into the hairline and down the neck and relax, while your tan starts to develop over the next 4 hours.

The MUA Approved Tan
No-one knows how to faux a glow better than the top make-up artists in the bizz. And now, our favourite celeb MUA Charlotte Tilbury has brought out her very own! Charlotte Tilbury’s Overnight Bronze & Glow Mask, £38 gives a gradual, radiant tan over 1-3 nights. With a super hydrating formula and natural (never orange) tint, this is literally a fool-proof way to guarantee a sun-kissed complexion without damaging your skin.

Top Tip: LOOK’s Deputy Beauty Editor @chloeburcham applies it with a flat foundation brush for a seamless finish.

The Undetectable Tan
Love the idea of fake tan but loathe the biscuit smell? Same. And we knoooow there’s been countless fake tans before that have promised to have a ‘no fake tan smell’… But trust us on this one: Guerlain’s Terracotta Sunless Tan, £39 has a fragrance built-in that literally smells like a summer evening in Capri. It’s honestly that good. Plus the super lightweight mist has a buildable intensity that gives a super-natural, sun-kissed glow over 1-3 uses.