Smile, you've got the silkiest, shiniest hair ever!

How To Tame Frizzy Hair For Good: LOOK Meets Zoltan

I am forever on the quest for silky, shiny hair. It’s never ending. I’ve tried hundreds of products: smoothing masks, anti frizz conditioners, overnight treatments, oils – you name it, I’ve done it.

My hair is naturally curly, but not those gorgeous pre Raphaelite curls, more of, to put it simply, a mess. It sometimes does what I say, but only after a good hours battle with a blow dryer and straightening iron.

In winter, it’s annoying, but in summer it’s unbearable. Before my recent holiday to Thailand, was I concerned about the potentially gut wrenching food poisoning? Not even, the thought of my frizzy locks consumed me and I spent the majority of my trip with my hard-to-handle hair in a bun and covered in conditioner.

After a Brazilian Blow dry gone wrong a year ago I have been skeptical about them ever since, that was until I came across Zoltan. Known by beauty editors as a hair guru, he specializes in permanent and semi-permanent re texturising and tailors treatments to each hair type, depending on the result you’re looking for.

During my consultation, I explained that I wanted my hair to be more manageable, but not poker straight. As my hair is damaged from recently bleaching it, he started off by applying Olaplex. This is basically a saviour for bleached and colour treated hair, it rebuilds the broken bonds in damaged hair and totally transforms it to its virgin state – I’ll take two, please.

He then pulls over a rather scary looking device, which resembles a 1960’s hover, called a mist machine. This magical mist machine is placed over my head, which is then covered with a towel and left for 20 minutes. The mist helps penetrate the product deeper into the hair and produces a much better result, so my strands will end up stronger and smoother.

Next it’s onto the keratin treatment, which he paints onto my hair in sections, and then it’s another 20 minutes with the mist machine. More high tech hair tools, beaming ultrasound tongs that look like they belong in a sci-fi film are used to push the treatment into my hair, then it’s roughdried and straightened.

I ask him about the formaldehyde content, by now I’m sure you know the controversy surrounding keratin treatments because of this toxic ingredient. He tells me that a small amount of formaldehyde is vital for the treatment to work and anyone promising the same results with a formaldehyde free treatment is, to put it simply, lying to you. As long as the content is very low, you shouldn’t worry about it causing you any harm.

The whole processes takes about 2 hours and, unlike some other treatments, I don’t need to worry about suffering with greasy hair for three days before I can wash it out. I can tie it up, tuck it behind my ears and wash it on the same day – hurrah, it’s a revelation!

The verdict? My hair is much softer, shinier and drying time has been halved. While it’s by no means straight, it is certainly less frizzy and much easier to work with and will stay that way for up to 3 months. When I recently went for a blow dry, the hairdresser commented on what good condition my hair was in, which is seriously a first, so all the tech wasn’t just for show. I’m already counting down the days till my next appointment…

Prices start from £180, head to to book an appointment.