This Is How To Take The Perfect Instagram Selfie

Kylie Jenner, Binky Felstead, Kim Kardashian and Nicki Minaj… they all look ah-mazing in their Instagram selfies.

Clearly, this is partially down to the gorgeous genes they’ve been blessed with.

But there’s something else these ladies are doing to up their Insta-game. And what’s that? Well, they’re all choosing a particularly flattering pose.

> Binky Felstead likes to tilt her head in photos


In recent months, you may have noticed quite a few stars posting pictures with either their heads or phones tilted.

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And it’s not only celebrities who’ve picked up on the trend. Beauty bloggers have also been doing it to showcase their flawless make-up looks.

So why is this so flattering? Well, Allure tracked down a few of these bloggers to find out exactly why they’ve been snapping photos at such a jaunty angle.

> Kylie Jenner loves taking selfies


It turns out there’s actually a pretty simple reason – and it’s all about lighting.

Each lady agrees that holding the camera above their heads and tilting their faces helps the highlights and shadows fall in the most attractive way. It also ensures that their make-up is fully on show.

> Nicki Minaj’s lighting is perfect


So is it REALLY that easy to look as beaut as the celebs in our selfies?

Blogger Ellarie says: ‘Certain angles will make you look slimmer, and certain angles will cast shadows that bring out bone structure.

‘My personal preference when using my ring light is to hold the camera out in the middle of the ring, slightly above or at forehead level, and then tilt my face down and to the side.’

> Ellarie looks ah-mazing in her Instagram selfies. Photo: @ellarie


Jackie Aina adds: ‘Taking a photo at an angle is so much more flattering. It also enables you to get a better view of the makeup. Try it out!

‘Take a photo of your face straight on at no angle, then take another one where you tilt your face to the side. Watch yourself go from frumpy to fleek instantly.’

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> Jackie Aina has mastered the trick. Photo: @jackieaina


We can’t say no to that…