How To Style A Fringe: Everything You Need To Know

Whether you’ve always had a fringe, or you’re thinking about embracing the snip, we’ve been scouring the catwalk for inspirational styles just for you. And there’s good news ladies, because fringes are HUGE right now! Yep, faux or real, they’re really making a stand in the world of fashion. So if you’re considering one, now is your time to for it.

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Shaggy Chop

> Shaggy Chop




Lash skimming fringes as seen at Isabel Marant and Alexander Wang are so Parisian-chic. Keep yours light (less hair is better) and give it a ruffle with your fingers to create a slight separation when styling- it makes it look more undone.

Style it with: Percy & Reed’s No Fuss Fabulousness Dry Shampoo, £12, it’s a great quick fix for fringes that tend to get greasy quickly .

Swopping Side Shed

> Swooping Side Shed


If you’re not ready to fully commit, try this side swoop faux fringe, as spotted at Peter Pilotto. First create a deep side parting, then pull your hair low over your forehead and pin the hair, just above your ear.

Style it with: eSalon Shining Armour Renewing Treatment Oil, £13 to keep the shine on point. Squirt a little into the palm of your hand, then dip a blusher brush into the oil and dust it over your fringe.

Blunt Bangs

> Blunt Bangs


If you’ve got thick or curly hair, then long heavy bangs are perfect for framing your face- especially if your locks are always slightly unruly to begin with. Keep the ends sharp with regular fringe trims (most haridressers will do it for free!)

Style it with: TRESemme Beaut-Full Volume Hair Maximiser, £4.99. Smooth a little into damp hair to instantly eliminate frizz.

Micro Fringe

> Micro Fringe


Don’t dismiss this ‘edgier’ cut- micro fringes make you look younger! A fringe cut way above your brows enhances the visibility of your eyes, making you look more awake. Plus it’ll hife the star of any frown lines.

Style it with: Bumble & Bumble Pret-a-Powder, £22, to add thickness and give a slightly textured finish.

Samantha Freedman