The Life Changing Makeup Hack For Glasses Wearers

Glasses are a bit of a pain at the best of times. I wear glasses, not as much as I should, I spend half of my time walking around basically blind. This is because my glasses do not stay where they should, one downwards glance and they practically slip right off my nose. It’s the worst.

So, imagine my joy after coming across a pretty cool makeup trick that puts an end to the dreaded glasses slip. Some genius (who we all need to send multiple thank you cards to) on Reddit discovered that when you put an eyeshadow primer across the bridge of your nose it stops your glasses from falling down, neat huh?

The primer mattifies, giving the glasses a surface with slightly more grip. Don’t go crazy, you probably won’t be able to do gymnastics in them but rest assured you can read your fave mag without the old finger slide/ tie your shoes in the street without catching your glasses in your hands.

Apparently, the tried and tested best primer to use is Too Faced’s Shadow Insurance Primer, £17, so go give it a whirl. Us nerdy specs owners have to stick together, right.