9 Things You Didn’t Know Were Making Your Hair Greasy

We all strive for super shiny hair, but when it veers more into oily territory, it’s not good news for our strands.

But if you thought you knew what’s causing your oil build-up – not washing your hair enough, a hot day – think again. Because did you know there are tonnes of things that could be behind your greasy hair?

Here are the 9 triggers to watch out for…

1. Stress

DId you know that when you’re stressed, it may affect your hormone levels and make your scalp more oily than usual? Oh, and those same hormones also increase the amount of oil your skin produces, so you may well get a breakout too. Even more reason to book that massage, then…

2. The wrong shampoo

Picking the wrong shampoo can wreak havoc with your scalp’s oil production. If your hair looks greasy, use a shampoo specifically for oily hair, like Redken Scalp Relief Oil Detox Shampoo, £10.20.

3. Humid weather

Your environment actually has alot to do with how greasy your hair looks – the more humidity, the more oil your scalp produces. Check out our edit of the best dry shampoos to help combat the signs.

4. Touching your hair too much

Watch out – your hands produce oil, so if you’re touching your hair all the time, you’re opening up your locks to becoming greasy, more quickly. Once you’ve styled it in the morning, leave it alone.

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5. Lack in B vitamins

If you’re suffering from greasy hair, you could be lacking in B vitamins – your intake directly relates to your level of sebum (oil) production. So how do you get your vit B? Eat more beans!

6. Too much conditioner

You know that feeling when you get out of the shower after a hair wash and it still feels greasy? You’re probably putting on too much conditioner. To rectify this, just condition the ends of your hair for a week to let your scalp rebalance.

7. Using serums

You may love a shine serum, but use it sparingly, as it’s only adding even more oil to your head than you naturally produce. Make sure to only use them on the tips of your tresses, and avoid the roots completely.

8.Your hormones

The Pill can trigger changes in your hormone levels and encourage excess sebum production, leaving you with greasy roots. Eek! Check in with you’re GP if you’ve noticed this happening since starting a new Pill, and see if you can switch.

9. Over-shampooing

Most people think that washing their hair more will stop it from getting greasy, but over-washing can actually cause your tresses to dramatically counterbalance and produce even more oil. Never wash it more than once a day.