Here’s How To Remove All Kinds Of Fake Tan Disasters

Because orange knuckles aren't ideal...

Fake tan is great but, how to remove fake tan at home can be all kinds of tricky.

No matter how much of a false tanner pro you may be, there are all times when we want to get it OFF. Whether it’s because it’s gone crusty around your elbows, you’ve got tell-tale orange palms or you want to start a-fresh. Sometimes, waiting a week for a fake bake to fade just isn’t ideal.

That’s where we come in. Because there are ways to remove fake tan at home. And we’ve rounded the best ways to do it…

#1 How To Remove Fake Tan

Oil is your friend when wanting to remove fake tan. There’s a reason why spray tanners will always warn you off any oily moisturisers – because oil and hot water help accelerate the breakdown of fake tan – meaning after a soak in the tub and an exfoliate, it’ll come straight off.

Don’t over-scrub though. If your tan isn’t budging after having oiled up, soaked and scrubbed – try option number 2:

#2 How To Remove Fake Tan From Your Hands Or Really Stubborn Fake Tan

Orange knuckles and patchy feet and ankles are often the no.1 giveaway that your tan isn’t au-naturel. To remove tan build-up in these areas (or just REALLY stubborn fake tan) you need: The Bronze Buffer.

This magic sponge will become your best friend if you often find yourself in a false tan mishap. The best way of describing it is like a ultra dry sponge, that literally sucks the tan off your wet skin in the shower (sounds gross, really isn’t.)

This really works – our Deputy Beauty Editor and resident fake tan lover Chloe (hello that’s me) swears by it. BUT, lemme give you a warning – absolutely DO NOT SCRUB YOUR SKIN WITH IT. I have suffered the red raw chicken armpits you will get if you’re too heavy handed with the Bronze Buffer – and it ain’t pretty. You’ve been warned.

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Fake tan heroes Bondi Sands also have an AWESOME new fake tan remover mousse that’ll change the lives of any fake tan addicts out there. It’s essentially a clear mousse that you apply to your skin, leave for a couple of minutes and then wash off. Any excess fake tan build-up washes off with it, meaning it’s PERFECT for ridding yourself of that crusty hard-to-budge tan, before you start from fresh ready for the weekend! Bondi Sands Self Tan Eraser is £14.99 and available from Boots

#3 How To Remove Fake Tan From Clothes & Bedsheets

Yup we’ve all been there. Terracotta bedding and the whoops-should’ve-washed-off-my-tan-before-wearing-that-top stain. Don’t stress. If you manage to catch the stain whilst it’s still wet (i.e. your mousse was a little too excitable when you were applying said tan) run the fabric under a cold tap. Don’t rub or scrub – just let the water do it’s thang and loosen the tan. Then, stick it in a 30degree wash with some stain remover.

For stained bedding and worn clothes – it’s worth trying to handwash your stained fabrics with a ‘fake tan remover’, even if it’s intended for your bod. Otherwise – whack ’em in a 40°C wash with biological detergent and it’s in the hands of God.

Our top tip? A navy bedsheet, dark coloured onesie and always shower the morning after.

#4 How To Remove Fake Tan Streaks

For streaks, or overly developed and too dark tan – try using a body oil. This will break down the tan slightly, making it fade – rather than completely scrub away.

But the best way to avoid fake tan fails? By trying out one of the ones in LOOK’s best fake tan gallery- duh.