How To Multi Mask Like A Pro

If you don’t already know about multi masking, you’ve probably seen it on Instagram. Come across any strange looking facemasks that contain a range of colours? Yep, that’s the one. The concept behind multi masking is pretty simple, really, different areas of your face tend to have different skin concerns, so while you might suffer from the odd blemish on your forehead and chin, your cheeks might be dry and your nose may have a lot of visible pores.

So, instead of using a tonne of different masks at different times, doesn’t it make WAY more sense to use them all at the same time? Well, yeah, obviously. It’s basically a bespoke facial and one of the most efficient way to sort out your skin at home (cause we can’t all have our own personal facialist).

Chances are you’ve probably already got all the products you need sitting on your bathroom shelf. First things first, work out what masks you need for which areas; clay masks or ones containing zit zapping ingredients like tea tree oil are perfect for spotty areas.

If you want to get that deep down clean try a peel off mask, they get stuck into your pores and when you take them off they pull out all the gunk: the results are pores so small you couldn’t even see ’em with a magnifying glass.Plus, the peel off masks are super satisfying (we might be addicted?).

Finally, for the rest of your face, go for a brightening mask, generally speaking this will contain glycolic acid or some sort of resurfacing exfoliator. If your skin is on the drier side, or is sensitive, try a hydrating mask instead.

Watch our Beauty Writer Gabrielle show you how it’s done in this quick how to video and you’ll be mastering multi masking in no time.