How To Master Holiday Beauty With ASOS

We've got your holiday beauty problems solved...

Who doesn’t love going on holiday?

Being away and making memories is (obviously) the best bit, but we can’t deny we also enjoy the pre-holiday jitters and preparing for our time away… Getting ready is one of the best parts of any event, right?

When preparing our suitcases for some time in the sun, it’s essential to keep in mind and prepare for every situation of your trip, from the departure to the dance floor…

And okay, the only issue you may face when prepping for your hols is over packing. We’ve all been there…

We’ve all experienced the dreaded moment when you haul your case onto the scales at check in only for the numbers to slide above and beyond your weight allowance. And don’t even get us started on the absolute ‘mare that is unpacking and repacking your suitcase at the airport… UGH.

They key to avoiding these holiday dramas is packing light, which is definitely easier said than done.

Here are a few fab products we recommend for a beautiful holiday without the added baggage, and they’re all available from ASOS

On Flight Holiday Beauty

Keeping your skin hydrated whilst flying is a must, as being in the air dramatically dehydrates it. The Elemis Pro-Collagen Cleansing Balm Travel Size, £9 is an on-flight product we are obsessed with and Anatomicals’ The Jet Set Saviour Set, £14 has a bunch of essential toiletries in teeny tiny sizes – cute!

Beach Beauty

We can never resist a little dip in the sea while on holiday (got to put that brand new swimsuit to use!), but your hair may need a little more TLC if you do.

“Salt build-up from the sea creates a layer of salt and water which can become lodged in hair and scalp. This can lead to hair becoming dry and brittle and in some cases breaking,” explains celeb hair stylist and Salon Sciene Brand Ambassador Andrew Jose.

We recommend Tigi’s Bed Head Ego Boost Split End Mender & Leave In Conditioner, £14.95 to inject that extra hydration into your locks with next to no effort involved!

Holiday ‘Out Out’ Beauty

Getting ready for a night out is always a good time in itself! The NARS Satin Lip Pencil in Timanfaya, £19 is the slim line shape is ideal for slipping into your clutch, plus the red orange shade looks drop dead gorgeous with a tan.

By Catherine Delves