How To Get Your Very Best Night’s Sleep Ever!

This Saturday it’s World Sleep Day and with the number of insomniacs on the rise, we’re here to help your head hit the pillow peacefully and ensure your getting good Zz’s.

If you’re logging off Twitter or uploading your last Insta of the day before your head hits the pillow, social media may be cutting short your dream time.

The figures say it all. In just 24 hours, Google sees 3 million searches for ‘insomnia’ and 1.3 million searches for ‘can’t sleep’. We’re probably Googling from our smartphones tucked up in bed.

Just 14% of us get the recommended eight hours sleep per night, according to a new Witch Skincare survey. Member of the insomniac club? Your skin could be suffering as a result.

“Lack of sleep leaves our skin dull and can often cause inflammation leading to worsening of skin conditions such as acne,” explains consultant dermatologist Dr Justine Hextall.


Pre-bed Regime

Getting into a regular evening routine can help prepare your mind and body for sleep. If you’re having trouble nodding off, skip the shower for a luxurious bath with sleep-inducing essential oils. Founder of This Works Kathy Phillips says: “Bathing is a ritual that involves a simple space, potent oils, time to soak, think, read, plan or meditate – a real sanctuary.” Make five minutes to massage nightcare products into your skin, which can remove blockages and improve sleep.


Nodding Off

Once you’re under the duvet, try and re-train your body to sleep on your back to avoid pressure and creasing on one side of your face. If you continually sleep on one side, you might find that your pillow absorbs more overnight product than your skin. A pure silk pillowcase is kindest for both your skin and hair. Set your alarm but don’t plan in a snooze button. Those five minutes in the morning are less restful than a deep sleep so you can wake up feeling groggy.


Sweet Dreams

Bliss out on these snooze-inducing products that help promote a good night’s sleep



The Body Shop Drops of Youth Bouncy Sleeping Mask, £22

Banish pillow face with this lightweight, pliable mask that moulds itself like a second


This Works Sleep Plus+ Pillow Spray, £25

Clinically proven to provide a better night’s kip. This fast-acting spritz will have restless sleepers snoring.



L’Occitane Relaxing Bath Salts, £16

Get into the sleep zone with a soak in this calming, lavender-infused bath essence.


Kiss the Moon Calm After Dark Face Oil, £48

This blend of essential oils like yasmin and ylang ylang melts away stress and restores the skin.



Pukka Night Time tea, £2.39

Sup a cup of this dreamy tea with oat flower and soothing lavender before you hit the hay.

Lisa Haynes