Here’s How To Get The Perfect Brow Arch

Good eyebrows are a must these days. But it’s not always that easy to achieve them – and getting that natural yet groomed look with a perfect arch to go with it can seem near impossible.

Until now. Because we’re about to provide you with the ultimate guide to getting the perfect arches…

Actually, we have Amy Nadine over at The Beauty Department to thank, because she’s just posted this genius eyebrow tutorial that will have you boasting brows-on-fleek in just four simple steps.

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1) After filling in your brows with your favourite pencil, take a spoolie brush and used it to brush your brow hairs downwards (yep, you heard us. Downwards).

2) Next, load up an angled brow brush with your preferred shade and draw an arch directly onto the skin. (Any patchy spots that will now be exposed thanks to the downwards brushing).

3) Brush your brow hairs back up and into place before filling in the tail.

4) Secure with brow gel.



And there you have it, the best arches of your life.

Speaking to Allure about her slightly unusual technique, Amy said: ‘If you only shade over brow hairs, you are filling in but you’re missing the chance to also define.’ 

She continued: ‘But if you move the brow hairs temporarily by brushing them down, you expose the skin behind them, giving you the chance to draw directly on it.’