How To Get That Tinder Match You *Really* Want

If you’re single, there’s a pretty good chance you’ve had a glance at Tinder.

Whether you’ve just enjoyed a tentative swipe or have taken the plunge and gone on a few dates, there’s no denying that we all enjoy a little flirt from time to time.

But there’s also no denying that it can be a *teeny* bit soul-crushing when someone we’ve said yes to ends up rejecting us. WAH.

We mean. Why would they do that?!


Well, it turns out it’s all about the profile photo you’ve chosen.

According to research by Fudge Urban Matte Head Master, the biggest turn off for guys on dating sites is girls wearing lots of make-up. Of 2000 lads surveyed, 47% said they prefer a subtle look.

Next up is HD brows, followed by pouty photos, snaps featuring babies and ladies who look over-groomed.

> Kim Kardashian’s eyebrow and pout combo would NOT go down well on Tinder


So apparently we should be waving goodbye to our night out shots and replacing them with some slightly more au naturel images. Hmmm.

See: Celebrities Without Makeup

But what do men find a turn ON? The research has revealed that 66% of lads want to see a ‘nice smile’ most of all.

After that comes a good fashion sense, no make-up and tattoos. However, this is clearly totally subjective.

> Cheryl Fernandez-Versini’s smiley no make-up selfie could be a winner


Us girls also have an opinion on the kind of man we want to come across online. And it seems our biggest turn on is a good dress sense.

We also love tattoos, guys who take photos with pets and a six pack.

When it comes to what we don’t want, a picture with another girl in comes top of the list.

> There’s a reason why Victoria Beckham loves hubby David’s tattoos


Then it’s images with a partner obviously cropped out (a no-brainer), a man looking overly groomed, a very muscly physique and long beards.

Our favourite hairstyle is a ‘subtle quiff’, while our most-hated is a ponytail.

Interesting. Do you agree?