The Chapped Lip Survival Guide

It's time to pucker up!

Once temperatures start to drop the first thing I always notice is my lips getting drier. We all suffer from chapped lips, but in winter they arrive in full force, flaking, splitting and just looking a bit of a mess. Apart from the obvious unsightly appearance they are damnright uncomfortable and even painful at times.

So, what can you do about them? Slathering on lip salve seems like the most obvious option, but if you are a chronic chapped lip sufferer you’ll know that this doesn’t always solve the problem.

So, here are a few things you can do to fight the flake and keep your lips soft and smooth through the cold…

  1. Drink water

Yes, water really does solve everything. The more hydrated you are on the inside the better hydrated your skin and lips will be. Simple, really.


  1. Cover your mouth

We’re not referring to eating here, using a scarf to keep your mouth hidden from the elements like the blisteringly cold wind, will keep them protected and prevent chapping.


  1. Keep a balm in your bag

Not all lip balms were made equal, look for balms that contain natural ingredients and try to avoid anything flavored, glittery or glossy. Our handbag staples include: Frank Body Lip Balm and Scrub Duo, £11.95, which is amazing for sloughing off flaky bits before applying your salve, Lanolips 101 Ointment, £10.99 and Papayagold Pawpaw Moisturising Balm, £5.99.


  1. Leave your lips alone

We all know how tempting it is to keep touching, picking and licking your lips when they are chapped, but all this does is make them worse and can even lead to infection. Gross.


  1. Avoid lipstick

If a slick of bright lippie is your makeup go-to, you’ll be sad to know that you need to steer clear of any type of lip products that aren’t balms. Lipsticks, especially matte ones are really drying for your lips, plus they contain ingredients that will aggravate the skin. Not to mention the fact that lipstick really doesn’t look great on chapped lips. In short, keep it natural.


  1. Apply your balm before bed

It’s not just the cold that strips your lips of moisture, the heat does, too. In winter your poor lips have to deal with the sub zero temperatures outside and the heating inside, so make sure you slap on some salve before you go to sleep to keep them from drying out overnight.

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  1. Scrub, scrub, scrub

Get the circulation going and remove any old, dead skin with a lip scrub. Our favourite is the Frank Body one we mentioned earlier. If you don’t have one of those you can exfoliate them by gently buffing your lips with a clean, dry toothbrush.