How To Get Rid Of Acne Naturally

Acne, spots, pimples, blemishes – whatever you wan’t to call them, one thing we can all agree on is that they seriously suck! But skin concerns or not, we’ve all been skeptical about using facial oils at some point or another. Oil on my face? Surely that’s a one-way ticket to spotty skin! What’s funny is, it’s such a common misconception, that even I steered clear of using oils on my face. That is until I was introduced to an all-natural skincare brand called SkinOwl.

Founded by the wonderful Annie Tevelin, she spent years suffering from acne and had found nothing to help her. After digging a little deeper into the products she was using she decided to educate herself on the ingredients used in skincare products and studied a cosmetic chemistry course at UCLA.

After receiving her certificate in Cosmetic Chemistry she set up SkinOwl and hasn’t looked back since. Her Lavender Beauty Drops, £24, are like a spot fighting elixir, and are responsible for clearing up Annie’s cystic acne and giving her the amazing skin she has today! The main difference between her brand and others I’ve encountered is it’s squeaky clean, 100% natural content. Did you know you absorb 80% of what you put onto your skin? Instead of using lists of complicated and confusing ingredients, Annie stripped back her products to only a few, natural ones and found it produced incredible results.

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Her line consists of facial oils, each prescribed for a different skin complaint, an Eye + cream, £36, and a Body oil, £46. To say I am hooked on the facial oils would in all honesty be an understatement. I’m lucky enough not to suffer from many skin concerns, my main issue is that it can look tired and lackluster, but since using Beauty Drops PM Mangosteen, £68, religiously, my skin has never, ever looked better! This is a bottle of magic, seriously. It transforms tired skin: In less than one week my skin was more even, my pores had vanished and it had totally revitalised my fatigued face.

The secret (not so secret) ingredient? “Mangosteen! It is incredible, it has 16 times the oxygen content of Aci berry and has been linked to cancer remission,” says Annie. “Use 10 drops before you go to bed, pressing the oil into your skin rather than massaging it, because over circulation can lead to breakouts. Then soak a hot cloth and drape it over your face, the hot steam will help penetrate the oil into the skin.”

Know Your Drops



Combination, dehydrated or dull skin: Grenaium Beauty Drops

Oily, blemish prone skin or acne sufferer: Lavender Beauty Drops

Dry, ageing skin: Clary Sage Beauty Drops (All £24)

The entire SkinOwl range is available to buy from

Gabrielle Dyer