Gigi Hadid Reveals The Secret Behind Her Hair

Our ultimate hair crush has to be Gigi Hadid, I mean she has totally mastered the big, sexy, tousled waves we dream of. But when we try to recreate them it always feels like there’s something missing. Either the curls aren’t bouncy enough or they just lack body.

Now, we can FINALLY nail our curls’ bounce to body ratio thanks to Gigi. And guess what, it doesn’t completely rely on straighteners or curling tongs!

In true old school fashion, Gigi was spotted walking around New York City supporting big round shades and wait for it…a full set of supersize self-gripping rollers!

Gigi was on her way to a photoshoot for Tommy Hilfiger and completely rocked it!


Gigi posted this cheeky backstage moment on her Instagram with the caption “Work flow” @gigihadid


Looking every inch a classic supermodel with her pinup hair, we loved her 90s spin on the look with her velvet black choker and custom The Mighty Company  “Hadidas” bomber jacket (I mean how cool is that!).

The rollers were used to enhance Gigi’s blonde bombshell blow-dry, as they allow the hair to cool and set in place at the same time.

You can either do the same as Gigi or if you want more defined curls, you can coil them around smaller ones after tonging your hair for waves that will last.

Old is gold and rollers will always be the go-to for big volume.

You can buy can an 18 Piece Velcro Roller Set, for £4.99 from Superdrug



By Sophia Pathak @sophia_pathak