What To Do If You Put Too Much Product On Your Hair

Come on beauty lovers, we’ve all been there – you know when you’re loading up on hairspray/salt spray/texture spray, and then you suddenly realised you’ve taken it too far?

It’s a common problem. And we have to say, the salt spray is the worst (come on, we’re all striving for those perfect beachy waves, aren’t we?). Except now, there’s a solution.

The next time you’ve found that you’ve overdone it on the hair product-front, don’t panic. Just follow our easy hack and your freshly washed hair feeling will be restored.

Kristin Ess, aka. Lauren Conrad’s hairstylist, has come up with a way of turning around that slightly stiff, crusty residue that too much salt spray leaves on your hair.

‘When I used to work on fashion week shows, it was very early on [in the salt-spray trend], and we would spray a lot,’ she told Allure. ‘When it became too much to work with, we would break it down with a blow-drier.’

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Ooh, so a quick blast with a blow-drier is all we need? Simples!

‘It’s so interesting how much a sea-salt spray can soften up’, Kristin added.

All you need is to put it on a low-heat setting and give it a few minutes. ‘Just apply low heat for a couple seconds on each little sectio’, she said. 

‘You could even scrunch it in even further to work the spray in. Use your fingers to encourage the waves and coax them into a bend while also breaking up any crispy crunchiness from the salt product.’

And voila! Soft, pretty locks are restored. ‘That was one of my favourite tricks I learned,’ says Ess. Ours too.