How To Fix Smudged Eyeliner In 30 Seconds

Wonky catflick? Don't worry! Watch how to fix your smudged liquid liner in 30 seconds...

It’s every girl’s worst nightmare – you’re in a huge hurry, you’re attempting the perfect flawless cat-flick, and your hand slips and suddenly? EYELINER ALL OVER YOUR FACE.

It’s happened to everyone. But you know what? Messing up your liquid liner doesn’t have to be the most stressful experience of your life. Because we’ve got the ultimate 30 second trick to sort out your liquid flicks in no time.

Watch and learn…

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1. The dreaded blob. Ideally this won’t happen.

how to fix smudged eyeliner


2. Remove smudges with make-up remover using the clean side of a cotton bud

how to fix smudged eyeliner

3. Sweep on some concealer to clean up some of your mistake.

how to fix smudged eyeliner


3. Tap your concealer so that it really blends in with your skin (no streaks allowed).
how to fix smudged eyeliner

4. Smile, you averted cosmetic disaster.

how to fix smudged eyeliner