How To Fix Smashed Bronzer Or Powder

There’s nothing more devastating than buying a brand new super expensive bronzer/powder/highlighter, only to drop it on a wooden floor the next day. NOOOOO.

Trying to dip your blusher brush into a crumbly mess is no girl’s dream, but what DO you do when faced with a smashed up bronzer?

Well, thanks to a wonderful vlogger called AlexandrasGirlyTalk, now we have a solution.

Here’s your step-by-step guide to dealing with a broken powder.

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1. Have a little cry over the fact that your beautiful powder has cracked


2. Press the broken powder down with your fingers, making it as flat as you can


3. Fill a shot glass full of 1.5 tbs of rubbing alcohol (if a standard bronzer/highlighter size) and pour over the product


4. Smooth out with your fingers


5. Pour on another shot glass full of 1.5 tbs of rubbing alcohol and leave for 5-10 minutes


6. Use a knife to smooth out the creamy powder


7. Dab all over with a piece of kitchen towel to flatten and dry

8. Enjoy your shiny new repaired powder!