Here’s How To Dodge Shipping Costs On American Beauty Products


Ah if only there was a way to get your hands on U.S beauty brands like Glossier, Drunk Elephant and Tarte. Well, my friends your wish is our command, or rather its’s command. The sassy new website allows you to purchase American goods that are otherwise unavailable in blighty. Huzzahhh!

You see, it works by removing the barriers between online shopping of American stores and all other countries by giving users an US based address. Once you have a postcode, the American retail spectrum is your raid and raid and raid!

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In a nutshell and at the click of a button you no longer have to worry about shipping and import duties, simply click My US and you’re good to go! If that wasn’t enough, the site also helps you to combine all of your purchases so you receive one package, rather than several. Which basically means ways less trips to the post office and more time for Netflix.

Best of all there’s the added benefit that 7% of what you spend is covered by a special tax-free status. I.e. more money to spend on skincare! My US just might be our fave new website…

By Perdita Nouril