How To Do Your Entire Make Up With Kylie Jenner Lip Kit

If you were lucky enough to nab one of the Kylie Jenner Lip Kits, then you will know just how colourful and long-lasting they really are.

However, you may not of known just how much of your make-up you could do with that one, single wand. But you’re about to find out.

Instagram user @nikita_dragun has teamed up with @liveglam to create a tutorial to make sure all you lovely ladies know how to make the most of your KJ lip-glosses – and the results are UNREAL.

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Nikita uses three colours to create her look: True Brown K, Kourt K, and Koko K.

Look and learn, ladies.

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First of all she uses True Brown to fill in her eyebrows. #fiercebrows

Then, she applies Koko K to the apple of her cheeks as an alternative to blusher.

Kourt K is used next as an eyeliner. (Though please only use a brand new lip-gloss for this to avoid a bacteria getting into your eye. Infections are NOT cute)

Koko K is used again – but this time on the lips. (OBVS)

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To finish the look, Nikita applies True Brown K on her nose and cheeks to create faux freckles. Because why not?

As you can see, she looks ah-mazing!


Now, just to get our hands on all of those Lip Kits…

By Megan Wiseman