Trend Alert: Rainbow Liner Is About To Take Over Your Life (And Waterline)

There’s a new eyeliner trend set to take over summer, and we’re already obsessed with it

Hot on the heels of the rainbow highlighter, which very nearly broke the Internet, rainbow shades are now taking over waterlines too, as well as a hair, nails and cheekbones.

Yep, it’s the summer of colour – and eyeliner’s a key player.


Already a craze on Instagram, beauty bloggers and make-up artists have been sharing their snaps of the rainbow liner trend, with a heavy focus on the waterline (the inner rim of your lower lashline).

But if you’ve only ever gone as far as ringing your eyes in black kohl, prepare to have your mind blown.

From pretty pastel lilac and mint green, to bolder hues of violet, pink and turquoise blue, it already looks like the trend for colourful waterlines knows no bounds. We’re just waiting for somebody to draw an actual rainbow on theirs!

Whether you’re into matchy-matchy or colour clashing, anything goes when it comes to the rest of your make-up. Coordinate your waterline and lids in matching shades, or colour clash for the full rainbow effect.


Loving the look as much as we are? Here are a few top tips and colourful waterline-safe liners to get you started…

Tip 1: When it comes to lining the waterline, you’re dealing with what many make-up artists call the ‘splash zone’, so you’ll need a waterproof liner that’s going be able to withstand the moisture from your eyes.

> Aqua XL Eye Pencil, £15,


Tip 2: If you’re not used to lining your waterline, start slow. It can be a sensitive area, and the liner can make you blink non-stop during application (not helpful!) and also make your eyes run a little. Start by lining a little and stopping, then lining a little more and stopping, until you have a complete line.

Tip 3: Lighter colours like white and pastel shades will give you a open-eyed look, so are perfect if you want to make your eyes look bigger or more awake.

> Precision Eyeliner and Khol, £5.90,


Tip 4: Darker colours are great for defining your eye and giving you that smoky look, so stick to those in the evening if you’re going for a seductive look.

Tip 5: The skin around the eye is incredibly delicate; so don’t pull too much on the lower lash line when applying your liner. By being more gentle not only will you irritate your eye less, but you’ll also avoid giving yourself wrinkles!

> Technakhol Liner, £14,


Words: Amy Lewis