The Ultra Easy Way To Cheat Marble Nail Art

From Mollie King to Rita Ora, everyone loves a bit of nail art. And we especially love a good nail art tutorial, where a complex looking creation magically becomes something really quite simple!

That’s exactly why we’re sharing this brilliant marble effect step-by-step, from Morgan Taylor. Using just three shades, a pot of water and some sticky tape, prepare to become a marble nail expert…

The process starts by layering up your nails with a base shade. You could use a clear base coat for this, but if you’re going all the way with the Morgan Taylor Chrome collection, which hits Marks and Spencer beauty halls next week, you’ll need to start with the silver Chrome Base.

Now it’s time for the water. You’ll need a small pot, bowl or glass – just make sure the rim is wide enough for you to dip your finger in – filled two thirds of way with clean water.

marble nail art tutorial-step by

Using the brush of your first nail colour, drop a big blob of polish into the water, and then follow suit with the others, placing each blob within the last.

Then, grab a dotting tool, cocktail stick or something thin and pointy, and carefully drag the blobs of polish across the water so that they stretch, and start to swirl together. Once you’ve created a nice marble pattern, stop.

Pop some sticky tape on the edge of your skin around the nail – this is going to keep the colour on your nails rather than all over your fingers – and then carefully dip your nail into the swirl of colour. Et voila. Marble effect nails for everyone.

If you’re struggling to get this right, you could try attaching a false nail to the end of a stick, and dipping that rather your own finger. Once the polish is dry glue it on, and there you have yourself a pre-made set of custom nails!

By Amy Lewis

Watch the video below for the full step-by-step…