Bubble Eyeliner Is The Answer To All Your Cat Eye Woes

Love an eyeliner hack? Well then you’ll love this bit of juicy beauty news. If drawing perfectly smooth and straigh liner across your lids is the number one beauty problem you deal with daily – not everyone finds it as easy as Adele or Rosie Huntington-Whiteley! – get excited.

There’s a new makeup trend taking over Instagram feeds and eyelids everywhere, which could potentially solve all your winged liner dramas once and for all.

Say hey to bubble liner.

No, it’s not a fizzy formula like those Korean bubble masks – that would be crazy indeed!

Instead, this is an eyeliner technique that actually embraces those bumps you’ve regularly tried to smooth over and even out.

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Sparked by makeup artist and YouTuber Jenny Gonzalez, whose quick Insta how-to video has been viewed nearly half a million times, the look is all about creating little half-moon shaped ‘bubbles’ along your lash line.

Starting to fret about creating those rounded shapes? Have no fear, there’s a really simple hack that makes this the easiest eyeliner look *ever*.

> Image: Instagram/Jenny Gonzalez


Revealing how she draws her bubbles in the how-to video, self-taught MUA Jenny demonstrates how to dip the round lid of an eyeliner pencil in a daub of gel or liquid liner, before using it to press half circle shapes along the eyelid.


Once you’ve created the shapes, simple fill them in with a small brush, connect up the dots and add your flick (the beauty of this is that you’ll only have to get one side of each flick smooth and straight).

Perfect for festivals and adding a fun summer twist to your makeup, #bubbleliner is already a growing hashtag on Instagram, with plenty of beauty lovers getting involved.

> Image: Instagram/makeupbytierney

> Image: Instagram/melaqam

> Image” Instagram/staychic02


Loving this look? Here’s what you’ll need to get started…

The Liner

Not a gel and not a liquid either, this NYX Epic Black Mousse Liner, £9, is super soft with a lightweight whipped texture, making it super easy to apply and control.

> NYX Epic Black Mousse Liner, £9


The Eye Pencil

We love Maybelline Color Show Eye Khol Liner, £2.99, and not just for the round lid! If you’re wary of filling in the bubbles with gel, liquid or mousse, use this super black pencil instead.

> Maybelline Color Show Eye Khol Liner, £2.99


The Brush

The new double ended Revlon Smoky Eye brush, £7.99, is just the right shape for filling in the bubbles and then perfecting your flick or wing.

> Revlon Smoky Eye Double Ended Brush, £7.99


Words by Amy Lewis