How To Cut Your Own Hair – No Salon Necessary

Get rid of split ends the DIY way

Ever wondered how to cut your own hair at home? Without the need of visiting a salon? Well, it is possible and we’re about to show you how.

First of all – let’s just get something straight. We’re not suggesting you go whole hog and DIY a lob. This is strictly for times when you need to give yourself a teeny-tiny-can’t-even-notice-it trim, and don’t want to fork out on £50.

Still reading? Okay. Let’s begin.

How To Cut Your Own Hair

It’s easiest to start off with damp hair. You get a cleaner cut with damp hair and it keeps it in place. Then you need to brush your hair into the highest ponytail you can and secure with a bobble.

Using a pair of hairdresser scissors (you can buy these at Boots) slowly snip into the ends of the ponytail. Don’t cut straight across, otherwise you’ll end up with wonky blunt lines.

Let your hair down and air dry. If you’ve still got some split ends you can snip these away by sectioning small areas, twirling them around into a lock and snipping down the hair cuticle, catching and stray flyaways that come loose.

Alternatively, straighten your hair and smooth it down trimming away any split ends that come loose like THIS:

And ta-daaa. And at-home haircut that’ll cost ya nothing.