The One Trick To Creating The Perfect Ballerina Bun

Creating the perfect bun is not easy. You’ve got to get the twist right, secure correctly with endless kirby grips, be aware of stray tendrils working their way out… We mean, it’s a good 15 minute job.

But now, thanks to a helpful unnamed man in the US, we think we’ve just figured out the perfect bun hack.

The adorable hairstyle hack popped up on Imgur, and features a dad doing his daughter’s hair (which, in itself, is cute enough).

But the way he does it is GENIUS. Holding her by the ponytail, the man proceeds to ask his daughter to spin in circles to get a dreamy twist, before he wraps into a bun and secures with a hair tie.

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Hello, perfect ballerina bun!

However, if you don’t fancy getting seriously dizzy, maybe try this brilliant bun advice instead:

1) Smooth back any baby hairs using a brush and some hairspray.

2) Brush your hair back into a high ponytail and tie with a hair band.

3) Spray your ponytail with a fixing spray before wrapping itcarefully  around the hair tie and pinning in place.

4) Add a little shine spray to finish for a glossy end result.