Watch: How To Contour Your Boobs

And all in under five minutes (no push up bra required)...

In an ideal world we would all have perfectly rounded boobs. D’s maybe C’s; I’m a small boobed girl and, while I love them I would really appreciate a little size improvement.

The obvious thing to reach for if you are blessed with bee stings or tangerines vs melons, is a wonderful push up bra. But sometimes you just need that added oomph, which is where make up steps in.

Just like you contour your face you can actually contour your boobs to make them appear rounder, fuller and generally a whole lot more amazing than they already are. It’s the same principles used when you highlight and shade your face, just with your boobs, duh.

Lets Get Contouring

To make them look rounder and therefore perkier you want to accentuate the curved shape going in between and across the top of your chest. To do this, use a colour a few shades darker than your skin tone and lightly draw a line in between and then two curving around the top.

The key to this not looking totally ridiculous is, as with most make up looks, in the blending. Blend, blend, blend until the harsh lines appear more like softer shadows. When you’re happy with your shading, you can move onto the highlighting.

For this step, you want to focus on adding light to the higher points, just beneath your contour. Where you add it will depend on the cut of your top, but generally try and keep it pretty close to the middle so that it looks like they are projecting further forward.

And, that’s really it folks. No rocket science or weird tools necessary, anyone can do it and the results really are noticeable. Don’t believe us; watch our Beauty Writer Gabrielle show you how it’s done in this quick video.

Happy boob shading, people.