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How To Apply Primer- The Best Tips Ever

Even if you own a primer, are you using it correctly? Are you getting the most out of it? Well, that’s why we’re here to help. Not only do we want to tell you how to use it, but we’ve also got some really clever make-up artist tricks in how to get the most out of it. Did you know your primer could help fake a sunkissed glow? It could refresh your whole make-up look? Or that you could use it on your body too? There you go! Read on, and you’ll seriously want to thank us!

1.     When to apply your primer

Always apply your primer after moisturiser, and before your foundation. If you’re in a hurry and your moisturizer is still a bit tacky on the skin pat a tissue over your face to blot down where you may of used excess product. When your skin is nicely hydrated, then it’s the time to apply your primer.

Apply your primer with your fingers or a brush Apply your primer with your fingers or a brush


2.     How to apply your primer

Primer can be worn like moisturizer and foundation, so either with your finger tips, or if you’d prefer with a brush. If you’d prefer a brush, pick a primer like YSL Flash Radiance Skincare Brush, £40, because the brush is built-in.

YSL Flash Radiance Skincare Brush, £40 Aren’t YSL clever for creating a primer + brush in one?


YSL Flash Radiance Skincare Brush, £40

Balmain nails the bronzed glow to perfection Use your primer to recreate a sun kissed glow


3.     How to create faux glow

Looking for a golden goddess glow? Then mix your primer with a touch of bronzing cream, we love Giorgio Armani Maestro Sun, £35. It’s the best way to give your face a fake summer glow, without leaving the country. By mixing the products together they also wont get stuck in dry or rough patches.

Giorgio Armani Maestro Sun, £35 These bronzing drops are a summer essential


Giorgio Armani Maestro Sun, £35

4.     Use your primer over your body

Yes, really! By adding in a touch of primer with your body lotion you’ll infact create a gorgeous airbrushed finish over your legs and arms- perfect for summer dress season! Get the proportions right so you don’t over-do it, you’ll need 20% of the lotion on your hand to be primer, 80% body lotion.

Models skin at Antonio Berardi looks airbrushed Give your whole body an airbrushed glow with the help of your primer


5.     Refresh your make-up with primer

At the end of the day, before you re-vamp your make-up for night do you take it all off and start again? Well, now you don’t have to! Instead pat your primer over the top, then go straight into dusting on your bronzer. It’s as easy as that!

Pat Mcgrath refreshing a models make-up backstage Re-fresh your make-up with primer…yes, really!


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Samantha Freedman