How Supermodels Get Their Catwalk-Ready Bodies

We all want the body of a supermodel, I mean, who doesn’t? But contrary to what you probably believe (models have ridiculous genes, and they do) they also put in the hard graft for their perfect physiques.

Luckily for us, go old Instagram provides an outlet for the supers to show off exactly how they get down and dirty at the gym. So we’ve put together the Instagrammed workouts that keep the girls with some of best bodies in the world in tip-top shape.


>Jourdan Dunn at a Barrecore class

Jordan Dunn

Sadly, Jordan Dunn appears to be one of the lucky people gifted with a naturally tiny frame, without doing all that much (eugh!). But when she’s getting her body VS Show ready, she likes to work out at the highly coveted and ultra cool London fitness class Barecorre, which combines yoga, pilates and ballet movements on the floor and at a bar to sculpt and strengthen muscles leaving you long, lean and strong without the bulk. 

> Millie Mackintosh is a big fan of Paola’s Body Barre classes


Millie Mackintosh

Just like Jourdan, gynbunny Millie mixes up her workouts to keep lean and strong, but has recently been paying regular visits to Paola’s Body Barre. This is an intense, high energy class that really lives up to the ‘burn’ aspect of its name. It tones, tightens and strengthens by using every single muscle in your body by taking the principles of a classic ballet class.




Gigi Hadid owes her flat tum to boxing

Gigi Hadid

We love Gigi, because she works out, she looks incredible and she isn’t shy about her love of food (she once captioned an Instagram picture‘the guy who makes up for my love of burgers and pasta..’ hurrah!) She owes her curvy-in-all-the-right-places knockout body to boxing, with her personal trainer Rob Piela at Gotham Gym in New York. Take one look at his Instagram and you will see models in the masses fighting their way fit and kicking some serious a**. The beauty of boxing is that it works almost every muscle in your body and will get you seriously toned, as well as being great cardio. We have to say, we also love burgers and pasta, but sadly our abs don’t quite look like yours Gigi.




Lily Aldridge at Ballet Beautiful

Lily Aldridge

Exercise classes that combine dance with fitness are some of Victoria’s Secret Angel Lily Aldridge’s favourite ways to work out. The mum of one (yes, I know, we don’t want to think about it either) bounced back into shape in record time with the help of, would you believe it, ballet. The class known as Ballet Beautiful is fitness class created by professional ballerina Mary Helen Bowers, who also trains Alexa Chung and got Natalie Portman into shape for her role in Black Swan. Using techniques inspired by ballet movements to sculpt and tone the body, lily does this about 3-4 times a week but also credits her flawless figure to a host of other workouts including spinning, pilates and yoga.




Izabel Goulart likes to mix up her workouts

Izabel Goulart

If you are looking for gymspiration, look no further than Izabel Goularts Instagram: @iza_goulart. Granted, it could also be considered extremely depressing viewing depending on which way you look at it, but either way Izabel is without a doubt our number one supermodel fitness-gram to follow. From pilates to yoga, weights to resistance training and regular runs, always in the glorious Brazilian weather – you name it, she does it and always clad in a teeny tiny sports bra and shorts (sob). The best part is, she uploads videos of parts of her workouts on Instagram almost daily (yes, we’ve tried and failed to recreate them all) and while some of the more intense ones are not quite us average folks cup of tea, a lot of her ab, leg and bum toning exercises can be incorporated into any workout. If we lived by the beach in Brazil we’d also be inspired to work out and would totally look like that too, just saying.





Karlie Kloss likes being able to do her workouts anywhere

Karlie Kloss

As a sporty child Karlie has always had the impossibly long lean legs we are jealous of today, but she now owes her amazing figure to regular mini workouts. Her training is based around using little gym equipment and focuses on movements that involve resistance training, repetition and minimal weights – all of which she can do anywhere and not just at a gym. Surprisingly, she hates running and tends to do more controlled, lengthening and toning movements than heavy cardio. She has been known to train with Justin Gelband, but has recently uploaded photos of  herself getting whipped into shape by Nike Trainer Paolo Zotti.


Gabrielle Dyer