Turns Out, Periods Could Be Behind Your Bad Hair Day

Periods are just great, aren’t they?

Not only do they treat us to mood swings, stomach cramps and a £18,450 lifetime bill (yep, really), it’s now been discovered that they also play havoc with our hair.


Ever noticed that your locks get greasier when your time of the month swings around? Well, you’re not alone.

According to the app Clue – which allows users to track their cycles – women have reported that their mane looks more ‘oily,’ ‘flat,’ and ‘stringy’ in the week before their period.

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Need the science to prove it? New York dermatologist Whitney Bowe tells Women’s Health: ‘In the week leading up to your period, progesterone levels soar.


‘The hormone triggers sebum production – which means your skin pumps out more oil – and while this increases oiliness on your complexion, it also increases oiliness on the scalp.’

Dermatologist Sophia Kogan adds to Refinery29: ‘Although we mostly think of skin as being most reactive to the hormonal, and other, changes of the menstrual cycle, the fluctuations of the menstrual cycle can, in some cases, directly and indirectly affect the scalp and hair.’

But don’t worry, there are a few things you can do to combat your greasy hair days.


The week before your period, you should aim to shower more frequently

You’ll probably want to stock up on dry shampoo (NB: we always have a bottle on our desks), and try to take more frequent showers.

Oddly, it’s also a good time for dyeing.

‘There are myths that say oily hair can affect processing results, but this is untrue,’ says hairstylist Anna Costa.


Fancy dyeing your hair? Now’s the time

‘Having slightly oilier hair actually can help protect the delicate skin of the scalp from the chemicals as they sit on your hair.’

Interesting. At least Mother Nature is good for something, eh?