How To Get Your Gels Off At Home

Without damaging your nails

Gels are great. They’re the shiner, longer lasting and overall generally better version of nail polish.

Where would we be without them on our holiday or at a wedding. Quite frankly, we don’t know what we used to do without them and we are thankful that they exist.

There is only really one setback when it comes to them and that is getting them off.

While they are better for your nails than acrylics, picking your gels off can actually do some serious long lasting damage that can take a long time to reverse.

So, is there actually a way to take them off yourself without taking off half your nails as well? We do recommend going into a salon to get them removed properly, but we don’t always have the time or the funds to do that.

So, watch our Beauty Editor Lydia show you how to get em off yourself the right way.

Ps: you’re going to need some foil.