Katie Holmes Is Olay’s First Ever ‘Face’

They’ve never had a famous face behind the brand before but it’s just been announced that natural beauty, Katie Holmes will be stepping into the spotlight for Olay. With her gorgeous skin, flowing hair and perfect teeth that haven’t aged a day since Dawson’s Creek, top of her to-do list as Global Brand Ambassador is to front Olay’s Your Best Beautiful campaign. Encouraging women not to settle for mediocre, be it in work, life or beauty, it’s all about girl power and as a single mum, Katie knows what that’s about!

No coincidence that she signed up for the role, the collaboration brings Holmes right back to her roots. Not only is she from the same place Olay first began – Ohio, she told People magazine, “I remember buying Olay in high school because I wanted to look pretty.” Well Katie, it worked! Although we’re pretty sure back then it was Oil of Ulay! And her favourite Olay product now she’s grown-up? The Regenerist cream cleanser that she relies on to get her skin squeaky clean before bed!

By Becci Vallis