Hollyoaks’ Sarah George Hits Back At Her Body Shamers

Hollyoaks‘ Sarah George is completely gorgeous, so we’re finding it hard to digest the fact that people have been body shaming her.

But sadly, they have. And the actress took to Twitter last night to pen a moving post about the cruel comments she’s received.

Sarah – who plays nurse Celine McQueen in the Channel 4 soap – told her followers that viewers had questioned whether she was ‘pregnant or just fat’ in recent scenes.

Sarah George has got vocal on Twitter


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Um. Firstly, we’re pretty sure that’s NEVER an acceptable question to ask. And secondly, where are they looking?! Because she looks fab to us.

Sarah’s post read: ‘No wonder so many people have eating disorders and body shaming [sic].

Sarah George shared a lengthy post with her followers


‘Put abit of weight on over Christmas (we’re all guilty of it) come back to work, wear a typical McQueen dress & get tweets asking if you’re pregnant or just fat when it airs in April.

‘To set that straight no I’m not. Certain camera angles can make you look abit bigger sometimes or maybe you’re just having a bit of a bad time in your personal life so can’t go to the gym as much.

If you ask us, Sarah George looks ah-mazing


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‘When did it become okay to to comment constantly on people’s appearances so negatively? I’m healthy happy and I exercise regularly & I’m sorry I didn’t fit into my dress as well as some people seem to want me to.

‘I was brought up on if you don’t have anything nice to say then don’t say anything at all.

We’re *so* on board with Sarah George here


‘In this day and age you’d think people would have learned how important it is to celebrate each other rather than think of ways to bring them down.

‘I’m okay though ta. Just an idea ;).’

Brilliantly put, lady. And again, we think you look incred!